If you are interested in this travelling plant-oriented art collection for your venue, gallery or botanical garden, please contact the curator:

Robin Noorda
telephone:   +31 6 53228858
email:   perceptions(at)
snailmail:   Morphosis, P.O. Box 18181, 1001ZB Amsterdam
postal address:   Morphosis, Nieuwe Herengracht 81, 1011RT Amsterdam


Robin Noorda is co-founder of Tropism and curator of this exhibition. He is present in this exhibition with photo work, a number of short films and the installation 'the Singing Plant Project'.
Alfred Marseille is co-founder of Tropism, designer and media artist, presenting music and photographic work.
Arie van 't Riet, physicist and x-ray photographer, captures plants and small animals with deadly radiation.
Adriaan van Aelst is connected to the University of Wageningen as a botanist, and is also head of the WEMC department (Wageningen Electron Microscopy Centre). He used the most advanced electron microscope to photograph plants in the Hortus. Van Aelst then had the photographs edited by Noorda.
Frans Holthuysen uses the electron microscope for his black-and-white photographs and has had work on show in the MoMA.
Pinhole photographer Bethany de Forest is a successful internationally operating artist, with whom Noorda also makes films.
Margot van de Stolpe is an artist and a designer, presenting photo collages.
Susanne Ohmann is a choreographer and conductor of dance films. In making her film she was assisted by body painter Rosel Grassmann (Germany) and cameraman Erik Schut.
Guest-Tropist Lars Gorissen made a handy short film.
Els van der Monde produced direct-prints of plant parts in slide frames.
Designers Wilco Geursen and Floor Vlaskamp are, together with media technologist Menno Schrap, responsible for the exhibition design.
Paul Godschalk: general support and website.
Sponsors: Morphosis, de Hortus, Zeezeilen, HBddaz, Wageningen Universiteit, The Monumental Tile, Schrap Design, Rocketta Film, MTS audiovisueel, Bethany de Forest, Oddz
Realisation app: Gijs Bannenberg
Translation and advice: Esther van der Werf
Design: Margot van de Stolpe
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